EOS Proves That Purpose Expansion Works

May 3rd, 2017 by admin

EOS lip balm is one of the most widely used products in the nation at this time. The company has earned several million dollars and expects to increase that number drastically by 2020. According to the cofounder’s comments about the company’s tactics, expanding on product purpose can help to sell many items. The company used a strategy that was unheard of by most lip balm manufacturers. It took something that had a single purpose and transformed it into something that had multiple purposes. The strategy may sound strange to some, but it is an excellently effective strategy.

The purpose of lip balm is to add moisture to dry lips. People use it when they have cracked lips and when they have bumps and other issues. Companies like Chapstick and Blistex saw no reason to get fancy with their product design because it did the job that they intended it to do, and the profits were reasonable. Chapstick reigned for many years because it was reliable and affordable. What EOS did was expand on an already effective product by making it even more effective. Instead of just creating something that moistened dry lips, EOS created something that enhanced the customer’s wardrobe and made that person happy, as well.

EOS designed orb-shaped containers that were 10 steps above the usual cylindrical containers. They created a design that was hard to resist and easy to create a buzz about. Furthermore, the company created colors and flavors that would boggle the mind and tickle the taste buds. EOS lip balm isn’t just an item that moistens one’s lips. It’s an experience that leaves an impact for a long time. Women flock to the evolutionofsmooth.com website and their local Walgreens stores to buy the product. It flies off the shelves in no time. That’s why EOS projects massive growth over the next few years.

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