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September 21st, 2015 by admin

Consumers are frustrated because they are paying too much for their mobile bills. Those spiraling bills are simply getting out of hand. Still, people cling to their mobile device because today it is a necessity to keep in touch with the family and the world. FreedomPop would like to change the way that the mobile market works. They introduced a free mobile plan to consumers in the United States. That mobile plan enjoyed amazing success. Millions are now very happy FreedomPop users. According to an article that appeared in the Digital Trends, FreedomPop is about to introduce their free mobile service to the UK this September.

Let The Alpha Testing Begin
Consumers in the UK are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the United States based mobile company. Free plans are something that is simply unheard of in most places. FreedomPop on is alpha testing the UK market. If all goes according to plan, the company plans to expand their mobile service to other countries across Europe and the world. Here are the details. The company is offering a free plan to new customers. Now, the free plan offers the customers 200 minutes, 200 texts, 200MB data. They are also offering 2 low cost premium plans to those that would prefer more voice, text, and data. Here is something that new customer’s will find interesting. The company will not add hefty penalty fees to those that go over the data allowance. However, look for a charge for each MB excess.

More Good News
FreedomPop has joined with popular UK networks to supply the service. Soon, the company plans to offer other options to their customers. For example, the option to buy tablets or their mobile phone device through the FreedomPop company. FreedomPop also has extended plans to reach additional markets outside of the United States. According to co-founder Steven Sesar, they are aiming for a global market.

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