Gareth Henry Believes in a “Constant Motion” Investment Strategy

November 22nd, 2018 by admin

In the field of investment, Gareth Henry is comparable to a professional baseball player who can strike out batters from the pitcher’s mound and score countless runs while batting himself. Through his principle of “constant motion,” he serves his company and his clients seven days a week.

Gareth Henry took a somewhat different path from others who graduated from the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland, with degrees in actuarial mathematics. Rather than working in the insurance industry, he entered investment, a field that interested him as much as serving the public. He was soon serving as both the general and global head of investor relations for the Fortress Investment Group. He later joined Angelo Gordon & Company, an investment firm responsible for managing some $26 billion in credit investments, private equity funds and real estate. It was there that Gareth Henry raised capital in these areas and for hedge funds. He recently entered the realm of alternative investments, which involve direct deals and single asset arrangements. He has managed to attain a high level of success at the young age of 32 and despite possessing less than 10 years of experience in the field. Visit

A typical day for Gareth Henry begins at 7 a.m., when he starts communicating with businesses in Europe and elsewhere in the world, and continues into the evening hours, when he regularly conducts dinner meetings with clients and others in the industry. He can expect to communicate with about a dozen clients on a daily basis, with at least two of the meetings expected to be carried out in person. Much of his time is spent reviewing internal documents, with this activity often continuing during the weekend. Sunday morning is also a time of work that involves communicating with clients in Asia, mostly in Japan and South Korea, and in the Middle East.

Gareth Henry believes that good investors should always try to understand the specific needs of their clients. He does not believe in total independence, however, and is instead willing to accept feedback from others, whether they be clients or peers. Although he still feels that “constant motion” will translate into business success, he has started practicing meditation, acknowledging that even he needs to occasionally slow down. He is continuing his work, only now at a slightly slower pace. Read more on


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