High Fashion Wedding Dresses

May 20th, 2015 by admin

Fashion is an ever changing industry, with new collections being revealed seasonally and all over the world. The Bridal Fashion Week for Spring 2016 just took place in New York City which showcased all of the upcoming bridal trends for next year. Although the usual styles showed up on the runway, the amount of skin being shown was rather surprising to most. Bridal trends seem to have taken a page out of high-fashion and cropped dressed and backless gowns were seen in many of the collections to walk the runway.

The most striking of these designs were the completely sheer gowns, featuring an almost naked look. Although this may seem surprising to most, it seems bridal designers have finally caught up with mainstream trends. For example, Kim Kardashian’s custom made wedding gown from Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisci. The dress showcased sheer sides and a low cut sheer back, not so different from the transparent dress that Beyoncé wore to the Met Gala this year.

As times changes, so do fashion and style. While the classic wedding dress is thick, full of material and stark white, women are not feeling the need for as traditional a look anymore. Up until now, the rebellious trend had been dark colored dresses, a shorter length and the occasional backless dress. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has seen this a few times. Moving forward, we can expect to see more unique, expressive, even avant-garde styles.

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