Highland Capital Management: Changes In The Portfolio

February 18th, 2016 by admin

Over the course of his 3 decade long career, James Dondero has received the qualifications of Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant. And in the past few years, Jim has also decided to serve his community. He is on the board of organizations such as American Banknote, NexBank, MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical.

The first decade of James Dondero’s career, he spent working for other companies. He worked for American Express. He worked for the Morgan Guaranty training program. But in 1993, Jim Dondero decided that it was time for him to start his own company. He bought out a successful subsidiary that he had helped to get started and he turned it into Highland Capital Management. During the past 2 decades, Jim Dondero has help to expand this company in significant ways. Two big expansions came in 2000 when, first, the fund started its first total return strategy that focused on assets that were distressed. And second, the firm created their first 2 bank loan separate accounts that were mainly for big public pension plans in the United States and Canada.

The firm’s activity was recently under review by Octa Finance, an online newspaper, that looked at the fund’s recently filed 13F from their third quarter of 2015. Octa Finance found some interesting details about the biggest buys the company made and several sector changes that were made. The top 5 new buys were in Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr, Amazon Com Inc, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc, Danaher Corp Del and Intra Cellular Therapies Inc. These buys represent 1.96 percent, .68 percent, .52 percent, .50 percent and .46 percent of the portfolio respectively.

There were also some major changes in the sectors that the firm was investing in. At the end of the second quarter, the firm had 56 percent of its portfolio invest in finance and another 40 percent invested in the health care sector. In the third quarter that changed to 20 percent in health care and 18 percent in finance. The rest of the portfolio shifted sectors to offer a wider variety in the portfolio. The firm has 18 percent of their portfolio in information technology, 12 percent in energy, 10 percent in consumer discretionary and 8 percent in the transport sector.

This article recaps http://www.octafinance.com/highland-capital-management-top-10-holdings-in-q3-2015/352793/

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