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August 24th, 2017 by admin

Highland Capital is a registered movement under SEC. It is an investment advisor that work with other affiliates. Highland Capital assets are estimated to be worth $13.6 billion. It is among the largest and very experienced credit managers. The firm specializes in long-only funds, credit hedge funds, and separate accounts. It also deals with private equities and long obligation that have collateral. Highland Capital also provides alternative investments such as natural resources, long and short equities, and emerging markets.

James “Jim” Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The headquarters of Highland Capital is in Dallas, Texas. They also have offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, New York, and Seoul. Highland Capital has diversified customer base including foundations, corporations, public pension plans, government, funds of funds, endowments, high net worth individuals, financial institutions, and endowment.

Highland Capital also invests in community matters. The employees of Highland Capital are committed to volunteer services and advisory board involvement. They also offers financial donations to both organizations and the local community. The company donates money to non-profit organizations. Highland Capital and its partners have donated $10 million to charitable organizations across the world since 2005. Highland Capital Management recently partnered with Dallas organizations to help Texas communities in the north.

Highland Capital made a huge profit in 2016. The profit was made because of the investments in pipeline partnership. The total investment in the oil industry was half the funds of the total returns that were accrued last year. None of the pipeline partnerships cut the dividends during the purchase of shares. Highland Capital Management strives to maintain profit and to size up the company to where it is appropriate.

Highland Capital has also invested in the healthcare industry. They invest in Collegium Pharmaceutical and Pacira Pharmaceutical. The two industries deal with pain relieving services. The first company deals with medication that is designed to reduce high chances of people getting addiction or abuse. The second company offers injection that is administered before surgery to reduce pain during the operation. Highland Capital has strived to maintain its reputation since 1993.

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