Honey Birdette Takes a Stand on Marriage Equality

August 23rd, 2017 by admin

While taking a stance on issues such as marriage equality will stir emotion and divide opinion, lingerie brand Honey Birdette has never been afraid to. That’s why more than 60 employees of the brand walked the streets of Sydney’s Central Business Street on Monday. The workers and models took part in the event carrying placards with messages such as “make love not plebiscite” and “Free the nipple”. The organization also used other campaign tactics, such as Facebook live streaming and putting up posters in stores to voice the brand’s support for marriage equality.

How people responded to the campaign

As expected, the campaign received both support and condemnation. Although some though that the company’s actions were a marketing gimmick designed to generate publicity for the organization and its products, others were of the opinion that it is important for every company to talk about issues that matter to society.

Many customers took to social media to praise the company for its bold actions. Marketing professionals also had a lot to say about it. Marketing Angel’s director, Michelle gamble, told SmartCompany that she believed that it is okay for companies to take a stance on marriage equality and that doing so would increase brand loyalty.

Why Birdette organized the campaign

Honey Birdette organized the flash mob in response to aggressive complaints about a poster that the company had put up to promote its lingerie. Not only were there multiple complaints about the revealing poster, the store that put it up was also vandalized. Consequently, Birdette organized the match to empower its employees and support marriage equality.


This is a timely campaign because it was organized just before the federal government’s plebiscite on marriage equality. The federal government will send forms beginning of September to allow residents to share their opinions on marriage equality. Birdette’s messages will hopefully influence public opinion on gay marriage.

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