How Cassio Audi Succeeded in Both Heavy Metal and Financial Management

March 3rd, 2019 by admin

Along with four other teenagers, Cassio Audi formed a heavy metal band in 1985 called Viper. He was a highly skilled drummer who was instrumental in helping this band succeed. After putting out a demo they created a studio album called Soldier of Sunrise that swiftly sold over 10,000 copies around Brazil.

He stayed with Viper until 1989 at which point it was time for him to move on. Cassio Audi earned a business administration degree and was soon working as a trader for JP Morgan Chase. This led to him joining Dow Chemical as a senior financial analyst and then Gillette as a finance director. He is now the CFO at Península Participações which is a São Paulo-based investment management firm.

Cassio Audi is just as skilled at financial management as he was as a heavy metal drummer. His core skills include resource management, fund raising, business planning, growth strategy development, and accounting.

He is said to have an open and straightforward style of management. Cassio Audi likes to take a hands-on approach to his work and he strives to keep things simple as that is most effective. It is also one of his core beliefs that people should never over-promise and to instead always over-deliver.

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