How TMS Manage Mental Disorders

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Depression and mental disorders are one of the major diseases affecting many people in the universe. Several people suffering from these conditions tend to use drugs that will help them get relief from these diseases. They tend to seek medical attention in various health centers, but there have been no practical solutions to their conditions. Are you looking for effective management of your mental illness then? Visit the TMS Solutions clinic near you for professional and innovative management of your mental disorder.

TMS Solutions is a practice which mainly deals with the management and treatment of depression and mental disorders using innovative and effective management approaches. The medical set up comprises of a group of a Professional psychiatrist who are aimed at providing quality services to psych patients. The practice was founded in the year 2007, and it is widely spread in the country with its bases in Northern California.

TMS Health Solutions uses the Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy which is an active, non-invasive and drug-free therapy cleared by FDA. This therapy is effective for drug-resistant depression and mental conditions. MS therapy does not include surgery or intravenous lines insertion. No sedation or anesthesia is required during this treatment.

How does TMS therapy operate?

Transcranial magnetic therapy uses an electromagnetic coil which under the control of a computer program and sends magnetic energy mainly on the frontal cortex of the brain (left side]. Therefore a treatment coil is placed on the head at the targeted brain area especially on the frontal cortex. The magnetic fields move inside the brain and produce minimal electric currents. Thus currents help in activation of the brains cells which in turn release neurotransmitters. A typical treatment course consists of five treatments per week for an average period of 4 to five weeks.

When you walk in the TMS Solutions clinic, you will see patients in a separate room which silent and away from noise and disturbance. On their heads, are the Trans magnetic coils and before them is a screen showing a movie. The patients undergo this therapy for almost one hour. The coil helps in stimulating the neurotransmitters while the film allows the patient to maintain concentration and thinking capabilities.


It is this treatment method which has given TMS Solutions a good reputation.

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