How to Pick out and Relate to Your Beauty Products

September 22nd, 2015 by admin

There’s an entire industry focused on beauty. Almost every woman has made a search for beauty at least some part of her life. And these two things will usually intersect with each other fairly often in everyone’s life. There’s a lot of women who want to look their best. And there’s a lot of options out there to help them do so. One might think that this would make the search for true beauty fairly easy. But most people can attest that the amount of options out there can actually make things more difficult. There’s something really disheartening about searching through hundreds of different makeup brands and not finding anything that really works for one’s individual sense of style.

But sometimes innovation can come from frustration. Doe Deere is a woman who found herself in that exact situation. As a performer, her public image was especially important. It was vital that her outward appearance match her inner sense of beauty. But she simply couldn’t find any brand of makeup that fit her personal aesthetic sense of beauty. So Doe Deere decided she needed to create her own brand of makeup. The result is something that would later come to be known as Lime Crime. It proved so popular that she started to produce it in larger quantities and actually sell it. Thousands of women have been delighted to finally find a perfect match for their personal sense of style with Lime Crime.

Obviously not everyone can start their own makeup company. And it’s not really an option for most people to even try creating their own makeup. But what women can do is follow Doe Deere’s Lime Crime inner convictions. She knew that beauty is all about fully expressing oneself. It’s not about hiding blemishes or things that people don’t like about themselves. Of course makeup can accomplish those things. But that’s easily the least important thing about it. What’s really important about makeup comes from added potential. Makeup allows people to push forward in new and unique ways. It lets people open up doors for themselves which would otherwise be closed. Makeup means that women can create a look for themselves which matches what they feel in their heart. Perfect makeup is something which allows a woman to perfectly communicate her inner beauty to the world through outward displays.

This also leads into one of the most common mistakes that women make with beauty products. People have a strong tendency to forget that makeup isn’t something that’s meant to create a new face. Makeup is about enhancing and making smaller changes. It’s there to make a smile come out more, to draw attention to traits people like about themselves and away from those people don’t. To once again return to Lime Crime, the brand’s motto is to not quit one’s daydreams. Makeup is less about a dream, and more about a daydream. It’s about reaching those nearly achieved goals people see within their daydreams. Makeup is all about helping people achieve the almost possible ideals. The best makeup is the makeup which allows people to live their own lives more fully.

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