Igor Cornelsen’s Strategies on Making the Most Out of Investments

August 26th, 2017 by admin

Igor Cornelsen is one of the biggest names in Brazil as far as investment advice is concerned. He is a retired investor and an expert investment advisor who has developed his skills working in demanding positions. Igor has held quite a number of positions in some of the leading Brazilian banks. After retiring from banking, he moved to Florida where he has adopted investment activities as a hobby now. Many investors credit him with their success due to his expert advice.

Igor somehow influenced a significant portion of the Brazilian gross economy given his positions in leading banks. He rose to prominence in the investment sector by thriving in all these demanding positions that he served. Despite his retirement status, Igor is a proprietor at Bambridge Group. He has also invested in Bambridge. At the group, he is tasked with supervising foreign exchange and stock market investment.

Igor Cornelsen is aware of how influential he is. It is for this reason that he even uses the social media platform to share important information. He shares links on issues ranging from investment, health, and society to economics and politics. His expertise has seen him offer invaluable insight into the current industry trends. Igor pieces of advice on investing in bad stocks rather than in broken companies. By doing this, long term returns will be a surety.

A company’s productivity is the cornerstone of Igor’s business model. This is why it should always come first rather than a company’s history. Most of Igor’s clients can attest to the effectiveness of this strategy given the success in their investment decisions. Igor also says it is important for investors themselves strive to understand the dynamics of investing in stocks and should not entirely rely on brokers.

He goes on to state the importance of scrutinizing the credibility of an investment agent before taking any deal with them. This is paramount because it is the investor’s money at stake all through. Any gain or lose will solely be felt by the investor. Lastly, diversification is vital given the market fluctuations thus increasing the chances of gaining.

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