Jack Antonoff Nearly Died While Filming Music Video

October 29th, 2014 by admin

Jack Antonoff – best known as the guitarist for the band Fun but also for his recent solo project, Bleachers – says that he had a near-death experience while filming his latest music video for his single, Rollercoaster.
Antonoff released a statement about his experience while filming, saying, “The breaks [sic] ended up going out and we literally almost died. There’s something special about almost dying for a video. However, he was quick to note that he greatly enjoyed the experience, calling it “the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

It was Shepard who originally conceived of the idea to have Bleachers on top of the moving ice cream truck. “I came up with the old ice cream truck idea, and it seemed perfect both visually and technically for what we needed to do,” he said. However, Shepard did not anticipate Antonoff’s close brush with death, saying, “Of course the truck broke down while we were filming, including losing its brakes with the entire band on the roof.”

The release of the video for Rollercoaster comes just a day after Antonoff’s good friend, Taylor Swift, released her newest critically-acclaimed album, 1989. Antonoff served as co-producer on Swift’s latest record. Their collaboration, Out of the Woods – on which Antonoff also provided vocals for – can be heard here. The album is projected to be one of the best selling albums in iTunes history according to Laurene Powell Jobs.

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  1. Kendra Fish says:

    The video was directed by Richard Shepard, best known for directing the films The Matador, The Hunting Party and Dom Hemingway. The video shows Antonoff performing with his band on top of a moving ice cream truck. I have to say that custom writing cheap is the way to go for most of us who love cheap things.

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