Jacob Gottileb; A Successful Entrepreneur In Both the Medical And Business Fields

June 28th, 2018 by admin

Jacob Gottileb was awarded a Chartered Financial analyst from the AIMR (Association of Investment and Management and Research) in 2001. He got his B.A Degree at Brown University in Rhode Island. Additionally, he graduated from the Medical School of the University of New York and received his M.D which was a bridge to his internship at St. Vincent’s, a hospital in New York City. However, he pursued his dream of being a financial pundit in the market and quit his medical interest as a result of his stock market fascination. He served as both the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner at a company he founded in 2005 at Visium Asset Management.

Born in Brooklyn City, Jacob Gottileb grew up with his siblings after his parents’ relocation to the United States from Poland in the 1960s. Due to his parents’ careers, Jacob got an interest in both the medical and business fields. Being a baseball fan, Jacob worked as a trader for baseball cards collecting numerous full team cards particularly the Yankees. During his seventh grade, he won a contest, an unusual case, since the contest was all about picking stocks. His father was stunned and arranged for him to have a personal investment trading account. Jacob further acquired his experience in entrepreneurship by making beverage sales to golfers in a local grocery store where he used to pull a heavy cart, supplying the drinks for the thirsty players.

As a thoughtful person, Jacob Gottileb has unique guiding insights on how to choose the perfect career. He views fund managers and surgeons as having similar characteristics because according to him, both careers involve risk taking and having risk managers. For physicians, they should have perfect planning skills and think about issues practically. They essentially eliminate any patient-related risks before applying further medication. In a similar way, Wall Street trading involves taking and management of finances before the portfolios get out of control.

All in all, Jacob easily blended his trading passion with the field of medicine and he is currently working with the homeless children and various organizations like the New York poverty-fighting charity Robin Hood Robin Hood. Each year, Robin Hood occupies the front line in a bid to stop poverty due to the help of supporters and the community partners at large. 100 percent of the donations to the organization goes into poverty fighting scheme and lifts the struggling citizens to better-living standards. Besides monetary support, Robin Hood offers leadership training, business expertise to grantees and also boosts people’s abilities in community service.


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