Keith Mann’s Generosity Provides Scholarship for Achievement

February 19th, 2016 by admin

A Scholarship For Professional Achievement
Keith Mann has made an announcement that will recognize the future leaders who are seniors at an Uncommon School in Brooklyn. The Uncommon School is a non-profit charter facility. Every year there will be a scholarship opportunity for a senior at an Uncommon School. This is an opportunity that will make certain that one student will have the funding that will allow them to attend college. The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship is being implemented because they have a desire to show their support for the goal of the Uncommon School. The goal of the school is to prepare students for success. The students are low income and the school has the goal of continuing education through college. The generous scholarship will support the mission of the Uncommon School.

How it Works for Senior Students
The senior applicants will need to write an essay. This must be 1000 words in total. The essay requires that every student explain exactly how a college degree will help them to achieve all of their professional goals. This scholarship is designed to find the future generation of leaders. This will be a generation of innovative leaders within the business area. This application process is available to students until February 29, 2016. The name of the winner will be known by the end of March.

The Result
The end result of the scholarship and the application process will enable one of the students to have the necessary funding to go to a four year college. The scholarship is for the amount of 5,000 dollars. The end result will also support the future leaders with their higher education. This is a win-win end result.

Keith Mann is an Advocate for Education
Keith Mann is the Founder of Dynamics Search Partners. It should be known, he also is a firm advocate for education. He does have a commitment to the discovery of powerful leaders too. Once the leaders have been identified, Mann will ensure that they are matched with a company that will foster their success. Keith Mann believes in education for the future.


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