Lady Gaga’s Mother Distracted By Star’s Cleavage

June 27th, 2015 by admin

Lady Gaga recently took a stroll with her mother throughout New York City, and paparazzi photographers took several pictures of the moment. However, it seems that Lady Gaga’s mother was more worried about her daughter’s outfit than watching her surroundings. For those of you that missed it, Lady Gaga wore a suit jacket with nothing underneath it. Gaga must be joining in on the new trend in New York City.

E! recently posted pictures of Lady gaga and her mother, and the phots are very funny. Lady Gaga’s mother seems to be in awe of her daughter’s breasts. The entire incident is very strange, but it’s actually quite normal for the popstar. Lady Gaga is a very controversial and weird entertainer. However, Lady Gaga’s mother looks as normal as can be. Seeing the two of them walk down the street together is mind-bending.

Some people can’t believe that Lady Gaga would wear such a scandalous outfit while hanging out with her own mother. Those at Qnet and Indian Express has been talking about it for a few days now. However, Lady Gaga’s appearance did not surprise most people, but she should’ve wore something different while spending time with her mother. Nonetheless, Lady gaga is worth millions of dollars, and I’m sure that her mother has grown to accept her daughter’s strange behavior.

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  1. Jennifer Whili says:

    The only way around this is to agree that Lady Gaga is a very controversial and weird entertainer. Her mother may know that by know. My guys at will stop at nothing in making sure that they expose this musician.

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