Lime Crime: A Makeup for Every Girl

October 21st, 2015 by admin

The great artist Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.” Showcase that enthusiasm with the makeup that’s shocking the cosmetic world. Being unique is a gift, and Lime Crime believes that the world should embrace individuality.

There’s something for every type of girl at Lime Crime.
1. Happy Hottie
High energy, bubbly personalities will love Lime Crime’s line of Carousel gloss. Whether they’re on the dance floor or at a party, the Happy Hottie knows there’s something powerful about a smile. This glittery gloss echoes the words “Girls just Wanna Have Fun,” and will put the spotlight on any social butterfly. With color names such as “Candy Apple,” “Hollygram,” and “Snowsicle,” these products are sure to bring a smile.
2. Brainy Babe
More than ever before, nerdy is the new cool. Intellectuals are really enjoying a moment right now and for good reason: Smart chicks are hot! Showcase that big brain with Venus eyeshadow. Botticelli’s painting “The Birth of Venus” has nothing on this color palette. It blends nudes, oranges, browns, and reds to reveal a surprising mix of classic and mod. The smart choice is obvious. Create a stir with intelligent creativity.
3. Moody Beauty
Just because they take a more sober approach to life, it doesn’t mean that they can’t look fabulous while showcasing who they are. Enter the Velvetines. This lip color goes on like a liquid but sets like a matte. Make a statement with Witchberry Purple or Black Velvet. No matter how dark the shade, Velvetines are famous for their never fading or transferring. Go out into the darkness armed with Velvetines, and look great doing it.
4. Workaholic Woo-man
This group of girls doesn’t get a lot of love from the beauty industry. They make the stereotypical assumption that girls who kick butt don’t have time to look good. Lime Crime is here to prove them all wrong. Sleep is important. Sometimes just fifteen extra minutes of shut-eye in the morning could be the difference between a good day and a crappy one. Making a splash around the water cooler doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. Sometimes all it takes is an unexpected nail color. Apply one of Lime Crimes delightfully odd nail polish colors the night before. It doesn’t take long, but the results are fantastic. Play around with Parfait Day, Peaches & Cream, Pastelchio, Crema De Limon, or Once in a Blue Mousse. The working girl can enjoy the extra attention she receives from that hot guy three cubicles over. She’s earned it!

Lime Crime’s variety is as amazing as it is ground-breaking. Every kind of girl is represented through pure, quality cosmetics. Now there’s no need to settle on makeup that’s “so-so” or “good enough”. Insist on the best. Insist on Lime Crime.

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