LimeCrime’s Scandal is a Major Hit with Fans Everywhere

September 4th, 2017 by admin

The internet sensation cosmetic company Lime Crime just announced that they were adding a brand new lipstick to their Velvetine line of lip sticks. The new lipstick is called Scandal and it is an incredibly rich, deep purple shade that is sure to ignite sparks of passion. Lime Crime’s Scandal is a true punk rocker look.

Like all of Lime Crime’s Velvetine lipstick line, Scandal goes on as a smooth liquid and then turns into a resolutionary matte that is guaranteed to last for hours and hours. Lovers of Lime Crime have come to love the fact that Lime Crime goes on silky soft but then lasts the entire day.

Lime Crime recommends putting on a soft lip balm about 15 to 20 minutes prior to applying Scandal of any of its other Velvetine shades. Then, they recommend making sure you blog off any extra oil before applying the Velvetine lipsticks as they are truly crafted to work almost like art and not like a typical lipstick.

Lovers of LimeCrime have embraced the Velevetine collection. Like all Lime Crime products, they are totally Vegan and certified as being never tested on animals.

Lime Crime was founded by cosmetic genius Doe Deere. Doe started Lime Crime as a way to express herself. She came to the United States early on after relocating from Russia. She got a job in fashion and eventually started Lime Crime as a passion project. She was unable to find the colors and shades of makeup she wanted in traditional beauty stores so she set out to create her own line.

She began selling Lime Crime products online, even through channels on EBay and those who bought her products became her biggest fans. They utilized word of mouth referrals to skyrocket Lime Crime to huge heights. The fans are still Lime Crime’s biggest referral source and they utilize the power of social media to continue pushing Lime Crime to the forefront of the makeup industry.

Lime Crime currently has over 2.6 million Pinterest followers and they continue to grow daily. There is no limit for what Lime Crime can accomplish, and its latest product drop “Scandal” is already a smash hit with fans.

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