Luke Lazarus is the man behind the success of startups in Australia

April 16th, 2019 by admin

The man, Luke Lazarus is a distinguished consultant for startup companies, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Since starting his business over twenty years ago, he has consistently partnered with startup companies in building excellent business plans. For these companies, Luke has been an instrumental figure in helping CEOs with innovative business ideas, insights and helping the company manage growth and scale up through the heights amid the competition infested business world. He is a principal consultant with extensive experience in assisting companies in prioritizing decisions according to the criticality of the choices. Luke possesses the skills needed by startups to shape their trajectories by helping these companies determine the right time to make crucial decisions that will impact the company positively and set it on an upward trajectory.


Luke Lazarus prepared for his prestigious career through extensive study and research at the University of Melbourne, school of business. At the age of 23 years, he had already earned his MBA and delved right into the world of business. A decade after his graduation, Luke has already founded and sold four successful firms. He has a keen and unique aye for opportunities which he has over the time utilized to start new companies and sell them later. Besides that, he spends much of his time helping new firms gain momentum and older firms regain momentum in revenue generation. He defines his strengths as the ability to help startups build a formidable and competitive front by helping the managers draft their projections and plans.


In a recent interview, Luke Lazarus has talked about his life as a go-getter. He works smart and puts extra effort into his consultancy work. According to him, his day starts typically before the sun rises and he takes time to prepare for the day to make sure he meets all the objectives and goals for a particular day. He usually makes a to-do list to ensure no tasks are overlooked in his consultancy work as well as ensure both him and the company achieves the agenda of the partnership. Luke constantly multitasks during the day and knows how to set his priorities right which has been the key to his exemplary success as a consultant.


According to Luke Lazarus, most of his business ideas come from personal problems he faces in day-to-day activities. He then looks for solutions to these problems and takes his idea to the market. Luke prides in helping companies come up with fresh and innovative approaches to put them on a better economic level eventually. As an entrepreneur, Luke cites keeping of accurate records is an essential element in the recipe for success in any business. Additionally, passion and perseverance play a critical role in the success of every entrepreneur.


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