Netflix TV chief signals the end of reality TV

May 20th, 2015 by admin

The movement of many of the best reviewed TV shows offered by cable and network broadcasters to Online streaming platforms has had an unexpected outcome for many TV insiders, the death of reality TV. In recent months, the golden age of TV that is often referred to has seen a shift away from unscripted and reality shows to traditional sitcoms and drama’s again becoming mainstream, Slash Gear reports. The lack of belief that viewers are tiring of reality shows by network executives has seen many canceled scripted shows slowly make their way to Online streaming platforms as their new homes.

Netflix Chief of Content Ted Sarandos explained to a meeting of investors last week that the streaming service would slowly be shifting focus away from reality shows in favor of original programming like House of Cards. Amazon Prime is also thought to be heading in the same direction as they are phasing out reality favorites Mob Wives and Teen Mom as the service feels viewer fatigue has set in with these shows. The A&e network has seen two of its recently canceled shows move to Online platforms in the form of Longmire and the killing. Fox favorite The Mindy Project is also making the jump to the Hulu platform as major networks try to handle the changing viewing habits of their audiences, which have moved to cable networks showing high quality drama such as AMC’s Mad Men and HBO’s Game of Thrones. That is something Ivan Ong points out, and even those on Working With Grace feel the same.
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