Next Level Lacrosse Camp Offers Young People A Special Opportunity

October 18th, 2015 by admin

Lacrosse is a sport that has attracted the attention of many young people, and those who love it should have the opportunity to learn more about it as they attend a camp that is focused solely on it. There are some lacrosse camps out there that offer young people the kind of mentoring that they long for. There are some lacrosse camps that will help to guide young people in the sport and to encourage them to take the next step to become a professional in it.

One camp in particular was started up by a former Villanova lacrosse player. Jon Urbana wanted to start a camp where youth could come to be mentored by former players, and he did that in Colorado. Now many youth have been able to attend the camp and learn more about this special sport. And as a lifelong entrepreneur, Urbana knows what customers are looking for. Many young people have had the chance to become better at how they play the sport, and they’ve had the chance to learn in other ways, as well.

There are so many great things about the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and when a parent checks out the camp while thinking of their teen and the opportunity that this would be for them they will quickly find themselves feeling enthused. There are many special things about this camp, and it is a great place for any young person to learn.

Lacrosse is a sport like no other, and camps offer the opportunity to learn like nothing else does. When someone wants their talents for the sport to mature, and when they are hopeful that they will one day have a career playing it, then they will want to learn everything that they can when they are young. They’ll want to attend a lacrosse camp, so that they can learn from some of the best.

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