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February 6th, 2015 by admin

Back pain is noted as the number one reason why many people will call out of work for the day. Back pain is also the second biggest reason for hospitalizations, outside of pregnancies. Back pain is so bad in America today, that many people are suffering from it, and it may be chronic, and something that persists over six months or more. Those who are living with chronic back pain, or are in chronic neck pain, are suggested to go and seek the services of North American Spine. If back and neck pain persists, then surgery may need to be performed on the area.

When many people think of back and neck surgery, they imagine a large incision being made into the area, a lot of pain, as well as a long recovery time. The vision people have for back and neck surgery, is far from the truth nowadays. There are ways to perform a minimally invasive procedure, which can help to cure back and neck pain. The procedure is performed in less than an hour, and the patient can go home afterwards. The patient is allowed to go home the same day that the procedure is performed, which is something many patients like.

A small incision is needed, in order to insert the AccuraScope into the neck or back, which is how the pain will be treated or cured. There no longer needs to be a big incision made to any area of the neck or back, in order to perform surgery. For those who are living in constant neck and back pain, this information is very valuable to them. Many feel that they can only take pills, or see a chiropractor, in order to help with neck and back pain. This information is false, and many can be cured of their neck and back pain for good.

When a patient gets sick and tired of the pain they are living with every day, then they may finally take the steps to work towards a cure. North American Spine has treated over 8000 patients, and they’ve had a very high success rate in easing or curing neck and back pain. Because of the high success rate of the AccuraScope procedure, over 90% of the patients who have received it, would recommend it to others. There is no need to wait any longer and stay in pain, so contact North American Spine today.

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