Ricardo Guimaraes’ Strategy to Making BMG Successful

January 7th, 2018 by admin

Among the Brazilian entrepreneurs, Ricardo Annes Guimaraes is recognized for investing more in sports. He has received the diploma of Honor to merit from the City Hall for his help and support for sports in Brazil. Ricardo has also been awarded the Great Collar of Legislative Merit. His contributions towards development of sports in Brazil are invaluable seeing that he was able to stand in the financial gap of the Atletico Mineiro Club.

Ricardo has contributed to the construction of one of the best equipped Training Centers in Brazil. Apart from football, he also supports other games as his way of giving back to the community. He has also invested in several hospitals to promote the health sector and create a healthy population in Brazil.

In his speech at the event when he was receiving the Honor, Ricardo was happy to recognize his grandfather who he started the tradition of investing in sports and he was continuing with the tradition. As the president of the BMG bank, Ricardo confesses that as a family bank, it highly invests in sports (https://www.cmbh.mg.gov.br/comunicacao/noticias/2016/11/).

Ricardo Guimaraes has been fortunate in that he came from one of the richest families in Minas Gerais. He has been the president of Atletico MG and during his tenure, he was passionate about the world of sports and after taking the leadership of the BMG bank, he was able to maneuver with ease in the market (http://maquinadoesporte.uol.com.br/bio/ricardo-guimaraes.html).

By creating ease of access to funds by the football clubs, Ricardo has made BMG bank to have higher returns and he continues to increase investing in sports. After taking the leadership of the bank, he has been able to lead in sponsorships of football through the bank, taking most of the Serie A clubs. The bank maintains the privacy of the clubs that it invests in and does not share their information to any third party for any purpose (http://esporte.ig.com.br/futebol/bmg+se+torna+investidor+mais+influente+nos+clubes+brasileiros/n1237962700977.html)

As a businessman, Ricardo is always keen on opportunities he gets. He always weighs the opportunities and picks one that will give the best results. He also take chances and invests in areas that analysts have raised concerns about but shows a promising return (http://esporte.ig.com.br/futebol/bmg+se+torna+investidor+mais+influente+nos+clubes+brasileiros/n1237962700977.html).

According to Ricardo, the talents of athletes and footballers should be given support so that they can be trained to professionals who are committed to their goals and driven by discipline. This creates more creativity in him to make sure that sports become successful and in the process, his company gains recognition and promotes the livelihood of its employees (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usu%C3%A1rio(a):Ricardo_Guimar%C3Aes_BMG).

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