Securus Technologies In Crime Prevention

May 11th, 2017 by admin

Safety is essential. It always comes first to everyone. It is the desire of every human being to live in a crime-free environment that is safe and secure. That is why the state has put public safety procedures, law enforcement, and correction agencies in place to protect its citizens and everyone living in their country. They also ensure a safe environment to carry out business and consequently enhance economic growth. Technological advancement has made civil and criminal justice more efficient and effective.


One company by the name Securus Technologies is leading in providing solutions in the investigations and corrections to prevent crimes using modern day software. The headquarters of the company is in Dallas, Texas. It serves more than 3,000 public safety, correction agencies, and law enforcement facilities across the country. Securus Technologies offers information management services. They utilize phone calls monitoring services that collect crime-related information that is used by the authorities to detect any criminal activity. They later take the right measures to combat it. This information can also be used to make arrests and to do further investigations. This has revolutionalized the incarceration environment in a big way. It has helped to improve public safety.


Securus Technologies has also improved a lot on jail security posture with its emerging capabilities and investigations enormously. Their technology has allowed the conducting of the investigation in the case of a complaint on any form of harassment or a potential threat. This has enabled the authorities to take the appropriate measures such as offering a restraining order if need be. Their reporting data has also allowed the reduction of contraband cases. They have a covert alert feature that allows a suspect to be taken into custody. Securus Technologies also has LBS software that can help to recover illegally acquired assets including money laundered, drugs, and other crime-related assets. Securus Technologies is changing the security world. It is making the security process reliable and the world a safer place.



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