Serge Belamant the Founding Father of Banking Technologies

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Serge Belamant was born in France, in 1953. During the move to Africa, Belamant learned how to read and write in English. He was awarded the Victor Ludorum and named Head Prefect. He went to the University of Witwatersrand. During his third year of college, he transferred to the University of South Africa. Serge Belamant studied engineering, computer science, and information systems.

Belamant worked at Matrix in the BKSH division. During his time working with the company developed tools to analyze the water levels of dams. His creation was used to predict or stop future droughts. He knowledge of computers lead to huge breakthroughs in digital mapping, methods, and analysis in clear platforms. He worked at the Control Data as the Head Analyst for the national grid system division. He created the first scientifically based financial system. He was also given the title of created the VIB network. At Bancorp, he created a ten-step program that analyzed risk and tested the sustainability of a business. His biggest achievement was working for SASWITCH.


SASWITCH had lost their system that helped with transactions. The Christian Rovsing computer was not fast but it was all that banks had. It left SASWITCH system unable to perform, be maintained, or updated. Belamant provided an entirely new system for his company. He created a new National ATM switch for the banks. Serge Belamant developed the first RSA Point-of-Sales (POS) system. On October 1989, he started his own company call Netl Technologies. His company built up from the Funds Transfer System (FTS).

Belamant’s company big break was when VISA hired them to create a new application based on his own technology. He created the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC) for VISA. The VISA company still use COPAC against fraud, misuse of credit, and verifying the PIN. Belamant’s company was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Serge Belamant was called the Henry Ford of IT for his work over the years. His company continued to create new services for other countries across the globe. Serge’s company reputation grew through his blockchain technology.

Belamant was officially the Chairman and CEO of his company in 2005. He accomplished this by getting on the NASDAQ list as a public company. He created a new tech for the RSA government contract. He created morphing, variable PIN and the 1: N Biometric Comparison Engine.

In 2018, he started a London based company called Zilch Technology Limited. His new company focused on his inventions and the banking sector. He is creating new blockchains for the cryptocurrency markets. He is known to be the founding father of the blockchain technologies. Serge Belamant is a member of the RSA Computer Society.



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