Sergio Cortes Makes Respectable Career Impersonating Pop Legend

February 24th, 2016 by admin

Impersonators all over the world have embraced the lifestyle of taking on alternative personas. They accomplish this con art through displaying similarities to their victims, such as their voices, fashion sense, and by the interactions that they have with other people.

On his Facebook profile page, a 43-year old Spanish man by the name of Sergio Cortes claims that this alternative lifestyle is a rather difficult one to maintain. He says that sharing the likeness of talented songwriters, singers, and performers is just as talent-demanding as the jobs of the impersonated celebrities themselves.

The Michael Jackson lookalike has made a career simply by taking on the character of the deceased pop idol. As a child, he observed the way a young Michael Jackson sang and danced during his time in the Jackson 5. He idolized Jackson at such a young age and was eventually offered gigs just dressing and posing as MJ during Cortes’s teenage years. After this, Sergio Cortes was determined to make this impersonation into a career.

Sergio Cortes went on to achieve greatness by mimicking Michael Jackson. He has been offered invitations to attend American Idol in several countries and has also managed to book miscellaneous jobs, such as his own concerts. He has gained a respectable number of fans, having over 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. Today, Cortes still passes as Michael Jackson. While he enjoys the lifestyle he’s taken on, he says that it is still a tiring one, and comparable to that of a star.

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