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March 2nd, 2016 by admin

Up until this year, the last several years has been on the warmer side of the spectrum. Many locations around the United States have seen record temperatures during the winter months. Additionally, much of the northwest stretching through the midwestern planes have experienced a draught as well. Some locations this has not proven to be a problem, but for locations and businesses that rely on moisture for the company’s wellbeing, it has proven especially difficult. This includes Squaw Alpine. Right off of Lake Tahoe’s north shore, ski-locations have suffered drastically. This has been due to the combination of warmer temperatures and a lack of snow. Thankfully though, Andy Wirth believes this year will prove to be a grand turnaround and help boost the economy in the region.

Early season storms in 2015 have drastically helped in the accumulation of snow in Squaw Valley. It is possible for the lodges to produce manmade snow for the slopes, but this is especially expensive and hard to maintain. It reduces the number of trails and skiing options available to visitors, which in turn reduces the number of visitors who come out in order to enjoy the skiing and other snow activities. Andy Wirth has pointed out it has been the worst four year stretch he has ever seen in the industry, and he has spent nearly his entire professional career not only in hospitality, but within the region as well.

Beyond the weather problems, Squaw Alpine and other resorts within the close community faced a battle against corporations looking to exploit the natural beauty of the region. These large corporations wanted to construct large numbers of new lodges and real estate properties, essentially industrializing the entire area. This is something all of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC and the rest of the community has been against for years. Thankfully though, the corporate desires on this area of the country has moved out, and with the combination of the heavier snow than user as of late, it is proving to help push business back to normal in the skiing community.

Andy Wirth is an individual who has worked within the hospitality industry all of his life. After receiving his college degree in hospitality, he moved to a neighboring hotel and resort in order to work there. While working for the resort he slowly worked his way up the corporate ladder until he sat on the board of directors. Eventually, he took over for the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC company, a position he has helped manage for the last several years. Now that it appears the four year lull is over, he is looking forward to take the company in a new direction and push it to better pastures.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

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