Talkspace Has Become An Effective And Popular App For Therapy

November 1st, 2017 by admin

Talkspace is a therapy app based out of New York City. Alicia Winkle has worked for the company for two years as a therapist. She is intrigued by providing help to individuals at home, and has experience with people unable to get out of bed because of severe depression. She believes the app allows her to help more people. Her focus is on post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety, and she works hard so clients can make progress.

Through Talkspace she has discovered many adults who were unable to receive therapy in the past because they could not commute, their anxiety was too big for a personal visit with a therapist, or who had simply refused treatment. The result is many people are benefitting from Talkspace due to options they did not have in the past.

Individuals with borderline personality disorders have difficulty understanding boundaries, and push the limits. The ask inappropriate questions regarding intimate details, and are often unable to grasp social restrictions. The foster codependency, and rely on others for most of their desires, and needs to achieve self-worth. This leads to intense, short, and toxic romantic relationships.

They see people as all evil, or all good, and do not perceive the shades of grey. They believe everyone wants to cause them harm, and their defensive reactions can be cruel. Childhood neglect, and abuse is common for these individuals. They are more prone to emotional pain, threats, self-harming behavior, and suicide.

The Talkspace app has numerous benefits, including convenience. Therapists are available immediately since they can be texted at any time. Participants can change their therapist if their original match is not satisfactory. And this can be done as many times as required. All previous conversations are saved automatically which makes it easier to proceed.

This platform is excellent for individual’s uncomfortable with speaking out loud. When a person requires a break, they can freeze their account for thirty days, yet still communicate with their therapist if necessary. Accounts use a passcode for security, and peace of mind, and a computer can be used for communication.

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