Taylor Swift is a Giving Celebrity

June 15th, 2015 by admin

When it comes to celebrities there are some who hoard all of their wealth and keep it to themselves. Flavio Maluf could think of a few off the top of his head, even if he just went through LinkedIn. There are some celebrities who choose to do what they want with their money and ignore the needs of those around them. While there is nothing legally wrong with that kind of decision, celebrities are in a position where they can help out those around them, and they might choose to do that for moral reasons or just to be a good person. Taylor Swift is one celebrity who has chosen to give time and time again.

Taylor Swift doesn’t keep all of her money to herself, even though she could do that. Taylor Swift chooses to give whenever she feels that she is needed. Just recently the celebrity singer gave fifteen thousand dollars to a couple of accident victims. This singer chooses to give, even though she doesn’t have to. This singer looks out for the needs of others. This celebrity is a role model in her giving.

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