The Amazing Success of Handy Home Services

February 19th, 2016 by admin

The home services industry has been growing very quickly with the new technologies that we have at our disposal. There are many smartphone technologies that are making on-demand home services more possible than ever before. Just like driving apps such as Uber, there are home service apps that are bringing the home services industry to a whole new audience. More now than ever individuals are feeling comfortable about hiring out their home cleaning and repairs. Most of the tasks that individuals used to have to do on their own are now being outsourced to professionals in the home services industry.

Just like any industry, there are companies in the home service industry that are standing out above the rest. Handy has been hailed as one of the leading companies in the home services industry due to their intense attention to detail and customer service. Only 2 years after Handy’s creation, the home services industry giant was up to $1 million dollars in bookings a week.

The success of this company is not only beneficial to those who are looking for home services but it is also beneficial for those professionals in the field of home services as well. With earnings between 15 to 22 dollars an hour, these home cleaning professionals are able to earn rates higher than if they were just on their own. These earning potentials attract the highest quality cleaning professionals to the Handy platform. Handy is very selective in who they choose to hire. When looking at the statistics, it is harder to work for Handy than it is to get into Harvard. This keeps the reputation of Handy very high with the level of expertise that is expected from these home service professionals.

The future looks very bright for Handy as the market conditions are prime for the growth of tech startups. Individuals are becoming more accustom to purchasing goods and booking services online. Handy has also created customer confidence with their high standards of excellence for their employees. With the excellent professionals that are hired by Handy, it is easy to see why customers are so willing to invite these professionals into their home. It seems as though the only way for handy to move is upward. It will be exciting to see what is in store over the next few years for this rapidly growing company.

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