The Future of Smiles

September 6th, 2017 by admin

Finding a good dental practice these days is not easy. There are quite a few options about, and it all comes down to the individual needs and requirements. However, some places stand out above others. One such place is MB2 Dental. Its founder, Doctor Chris Villanueva, is not only a great dentist himself, but he also is well-versed in all things business and corporate options for dentists. He knows what the grass looks like on both sides of this industry. This experience inspired Dr Villanueva to start his business venture to create a support system without spoiling the image of his fellow dentists.

Many people avoid going to the dentist because they are either scared, or they simply had a bad experience before. In all logic, they simply don’t want to repeat that, so they avoid dentists as much as possible. Many dentists are not passionate about their work because they don’t have the right tools and support to help them grow. They very often are managed by people who have no experience in the field, and that can be frustrating.

Dr Villanueva hates micromanaging. He thinks that professionals should be allowed to do their job without someone always looking over their shoulder. MB2 Dental extends his support to more than 70 affiliate partner locations and 500 employees. MB2 Dental promotes excellence and wants to inspire dentists to be better and rise to the challenges of their profession.

Another reason MB2 Dental was born was that traditional networks are uninspired and boring. They don’t encourage growth and excellence. Now, this is a company that offers support, growth and a sense of independence and close-knit family. They help dental practices grow to help more people and keep very high standards. They look for the newest innovation and technology within the field.

The practices under the MB2 Dental network benefit from the newest technology and the specialists get to work together, exchanging experience on cases. Owners gather every year for a retreat together, and people get to spend time with like-minded individuals who are in the same field.

The future allows dentists to find new inspiration through their work and become better at their job. They are motivated to continue learning and improve their skills via courses, experience exchange and workshops. There is support from the management teaching dentists about all aspects of running their practices such as HR, payroll and taxed. Individuals are encouraged to branch out when they are ready.

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