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Andy Wirth, the chief executive officer of Squaw Valley ski holdings and the chairman of the Reno Tahoe airports authority board, has been fighting against a threat. This threat was to incorporate Olympic Valley with other Northern winter iconic sports a move by a group of pro-incorporation backers from Olympic Valley. The threat was to have a negative effect on the development of Olympic Valley. It was easy for the area to be ignored in the development of road infrastructure and plowing of snow that would affect the businesses in the area. Andy thinks that the move was a recipe for fiscal disaster in the area where even a wine person will not have the ability to do his/her business due to increased task. The move was to lead Olympic Valley to a crisis in political, civic and business operations.

Andy Wirth has been in the forefronts for all operations relating to Olympic Valley and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He spent thousands of dollars opposing the cruel move by the incorporation backers. He has been involved in many development activities to help the growth of Olympic Valley and its residents. He is concerned with the welfare especially because he once had a passion for skiing around the area but while skydiving he got in a fatal accident that badly injured his arm. His recovery was from the help of his parents, therapists and a group of Navy Seals located in the Olympic Valley. With the great team of navy seals Andy recovered very well. He hence participates with his group of steam iron to raise funds for the navy seal foundation and their family once they go back to their homes.

Andy Wirth works very hard for Squaw Valley and Olympic Valley in general. He looks to commercialize the town to even having real estates. He has recently embarked on a new project to make Olympic Valley the best ski area in America and attract more tourists in the region. Plowing of snow is regular in the area to avoid risks for the skiers. The area is being managed and monitored very well, and Wirth even participates as an undercover boss. When the base to gondola base project is done, Wirth assured skiers of protection while skiing and he do not affect the life of the wildlife animals in the area. Infarct, the project will connect two resorts and two cultures a great attraction for tourists.

The Reno Gazette-Journal article captured the fact that despite the area around Lake Tahoe experiencing a severe drought for 4 years; the winter season came early to the advantage of the business. Two problems have been solved in the area, and the residents and tourists will have the best time of their life in this winter season thanks to Mother Nature and the efforts of Andy.

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