The Indefatigable John Textor

September 23rd, 2015 by admin

How does an individual with a bachelor’s degree in economics encounter and command so many tall ships? (I’d love to repeat that for value because it’s worth it.) I have read about a great number of remarkable individuals, but John Textor is a financier, speculator, business strategist, innovator, artisan, creative genius and cyber genius extraordinare. He’s a winner. Success is in his genes, and he never tires.

I am not a fan club president, just someone who has read about his upward spirals and tried to figure him out. “How’d he get from there to here; how’d he do that?” He has a remarkable capacity to be interested in a broad variety of businesses, and he possesses capabilities and skills to match. It’s probably as simple as saying he has a nose for business – any type – and that degree in economics he earned in 1987 at Wesleyan University is a skeleton key that opens many doors.

John Textor is a one-man show when it comes to looking at a business, intuitively labeling its strengths, shortfalls, and forecasting its success. Probably his depth in vision is his reigning strength. What makes an individual give him a double take is his artistry, creative genius and his tireless tenacity to explore every aspect of his talents to the fullest, e.g., his contributions in the visual effects creation of hyper-realistic digital humans. This is the stuff that has landed him the top-seated corporate positions he has held since 1997. The list is exhaustive; a sampling follows.

A competing young ice skater and snowboardist, John Textor somehow wound up Chairman and CEO with an organization that now is internationally recognized, Sims Snowboards, based in Colorado. He held a position in corporate finance and strategic planning for the private real estate development firm of Michael Swerdlow Companies. John Textor became a director of the Parent, BabyUniverse (Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us, FAO Schwartz) (1999), and subsequently was named Chairman (2002), then Chief Executive Officer (2005). At the time, this organization employed some 66,000.

John Textor’s corporate and technical artisan relationships began to surface with the acquisition of Digital Domain (2006) as Chairman and CEO of this visual effects pioneering organization. Subsequently Digital Domain was restructured and renamed Digital Domain Media Group (2009-12). This organization has had key involvement in 80 large-scale feature films, 25 under John Textor’s leadership.

John Textor then became Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution, a digital production company specializing in computer generated human likeness and Pulse Entertainment (2013-14). He is a resource strategist to the Chief Executive Officer and the President-Head of Studio. He has held various executive positions with Pulse’s parent company and other Pulse subsidiaries since 1999.

Mr. Textor currently is Managing Principal of Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC, founded by him in 1997. He is active in developing across broad venues and technology platforms a wide spectrum of visual effects for the entertainment industry. He continues to contribute his leadership in the extended uses of photo-realistic, digital humans. A premiere of this technology was presented at the 2014 Billboard Awards with the presentation of a Michael Jackson Slave to the Rhythm performance. It was unbelievably awesome!

Simply put, John Textor has entirely too many “credits” to be viewed as anybody but an astounding individual. Winners like John Textor never lose; they simply keep going until it’s up, up, and away again (and again).

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