Tidal and the Desiree Perez Effect

January 22nd, 2017 by admin

When people search for Desiree Perez online they will see that Tidal is not her first shot at making negotiations and turning companies around. Most people will recognize that her efforts go back as far as Roc Nation Sports and her time with helping athletes get the best possible deals. This is something that she has been known to do over her lifetime because has had a hard life. She has always had the spirit of a hustler, and she knows everything there is to know about making deals. That is what has allowed Perez to just keep taking Tidal to new levels.

A typical CEO that may not know about the music industry and the changes that are occurring so they may have no ability to truly change Tidal. It took someone that was actually paying attention to the industry and the way that music streaming was changing to make things different for Tidal. This is like the company that just keeps on moving towards higher ground because Desiree Perez is in place to provide insight on getting the right visual art on the Tidal website in order to make this company stand out.

Everyone is trying to get into the music streaming business. This is what Pandora did for years. This is what Apple is doing now to compete with Spotify. What Desiree Perez has done is put Spotify in a league that is different from what the competition is doing. Some might say that Perez has come in and created her own lane. She has become this super force at Tidal that is ready to let people know that there is a new sheriff in town. What people used to think about Tidal is not relevant anymore. Dez Perez has changed the outlook for the company, and people that are listening to music through streaming apps are taking interest in what she is saying. There is a lot of buzz about what this company does to incorporate so many more elements of entertainment than other companies. There are exclusive behind-the-scene documentaries on some albums. There are live concert streams. Tidal has become the app that seems to have it all. There are people that love this app because it is about more than audio streaming. This is what the other companies have failed to do, and now Tidal is becoming the leader that other companies must follow.

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