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October 6th, 2015 by admin

My dog Lucy turned 10 last year and I never thought she would make it to that age. The reasoning behind her healthy success, Beneful. I know it sounds corny to say Beneful saved my dog’s life, but I honestly believe they did. When Lucy turned 8 years old, she started having problems with her heart and digestive track. It got to the point where I almost thought I would have to put her down. Before I even thought about it twice my brother in law gave me the idea of trying a different dog food brand. That brand was Beneful. At first I did not think switching dog foods would do the trick, but it sure did.

Within just a few weeks of switching Lucy’s dog food I started to notice some spectacular changes in her behavior and eating habits as well. But that is not the best part. When I took Lucy to the vets office just one month later they informed me that her digestive problems were resolved and her heart was well on the way to making a full recovery. I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying at first. He had just given me the best news I ever could have asked for. I could now keep my my best friend with me for years to come. If I hadn’t of taken the advice from my brother in law Steve, I am not sure that would have made it this far.

I feel that Beneful could solve a lot of problems for dogs across the world if owners on facebook are willing to take steps towards changing. Compared to other brands, Beneful really isn’t all that expensive and for the benefits it gives your dog, who cares if it is an extra dollar more. What matters is that you will be giving your dog a chance at a healthier life. One that will allow them to stay young for years to come while on a brilliantly healthy diet. Maybe others do not feel the same, but I do. I am not the only advocate either, just ask my family.

Not only did me and my brother in law choose to use Beneful, but so didn’t my father and my cousin Daniel as well. Each and every one of them agreed with me when I said that this brand was able to completely change a dog’s life around. My cousin started using it with his puppies he just got a few months ago and he said they are growing at full speed. The puppy chow offered by Beneful has all the nutrients and minerals needed to grow a beautiful little puppy into a full grown healthy adult and you will not get that with any other brand. Trust me when I say that.

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