Why Did Rita Ora And Calvin Harris Break Up?

June 18th, 2015 by admin

Rita Ora is pretty popular these days, but she was virtually unknown about a year ago. She was dating Calvin Harris, but they broke up after she put out a single. Rita released a single called “I Will Never Let You Down,” and Calvin had helped her to write the single. Rita Ora & Calvin Harris. Rita claims that when she went to release the single, he started acting weird, and he told her he didn’t want her to release the song the way it was. He basically wanted to take back any of his writing credits or the music that he had placed on the song, and she couldn’t understand why.

Calvin and Rita ended up breaking up, and Calvin claims that it’s because Rita cheated on him. The rumors online on Facebook.com read by Jim Dondero seem to confirm that. It’s funny that some people can’t understand what cheating does to a relationship, and they may even blame the other person when they finally get fed up and they leave. Rita claims she doesn’t know the reason why they really broke up, but more than likely she knows exactly what she did. Calvin has moved on, and he’s now dating Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift and Calvin have been seen all over the place, and they are now officially a couple.

Rita has not been linked to anyone recently, but Calvin has definitely moved to the top of the mountain with Taylor Swift. Although Taylor’s friends question Calvin’s motives, Taylor seems very happy to be with her new boyfriend.

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